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Hey Panther_79,:welcome:.
What year is your Perak 350, I remember those Jawa's from when I was a kid in the 60s.
Hi Bob I know that your a busy man could you please post this info for me if it has not been done yet June 16 2013 is the 13th annual Fathers Day Poker Run Sponsered by the West Kootaney Toy Run. !st card and breakfast at Joeys Ownly Resurant in Castlegar between 8 and 10 Please bring food donation to help us support the Castlegar Comnmunity Harvest Food Bank Thank you Colin J Macdonald
Will do! Today woulda been great, but I've been stuck at home dealing with a tree that fell on our roof on Friday. Minor damage only, but a pain in the ass. Adjustor comes tomorrow...