Winter Storage

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Winter storage falls into two groups; those that are parked for a couple of months and those that experience winter in the full, the rest of us. For those that are parked for a couple of months it is simple. Run some "fuel stabilizer" in your last tank and ride enuff to get it into your carbs or injectors. Leave your tank FULL. It's important to prevent condensation. Fuel "conditioner" is different than stabilizer. You should change your oil before putting your beast to bed. :party0011:
If you put your baby to bed in Oct. and won't look at it again till May things are a little different. Here is how I do it. :noworries:
1 - I start with double the recommended amount of STABILIZER in my last tank and run it long enuff to get it in the carbs or injectors. Turn the gas off.
2 - While the bike is hot I change the oil and filter. It will be still good to use in the spring.
3 - I like to use a little squirt bottle with some 2 stroke oil with just enuff gas mixed in to thin it a little. You can either "fog" the motor through the intake or pull the plugs and put a tablespoon (with the squirt bottle) down each plug hole. You will need to turn the motor over to get oil everywhere you want it inside. Put (new) plugs back in (or oil goes everywhere) and the caps back on to spin the motor but don't start it, just bump it over. You can bump it over with the back wheel (without the plugs in) if you put it in gear.
4 - You can now remove the battery to store inside.
5 - I like to drain the carbs too. The stabilizer will stop any leftovers from turning to green jelly in the tiny carb passages or injectors. If there is no gas there is nothing to go bad.
The gas tank should be left completley full or completely empty. Gas looses about three or four octane per month on its own. Stabilized it looses about one octane per month. (estimated) I always put fresh gas in in the spring regardless. It's always good to store it clean! You could come back to this bike in ten years, install a battery and give it some fresh gas and it would likely start right up. It will smoke for a short time until the 2 stroke oil burns off.
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