Save money at the shop!

Smokin Sam

New member
Here are just a few ways you can save money when you take your baby in for some tender lovin care!

1 - A CLEAN MOTORCYCLE is always appreciated. Most shops will be happy to give your bike a scrub before they can work on it "at their shop rate." :eyebrow:
2 - Pull your own accessories. If it has to come off for the service and you can do it you should. Why pay shop rate to remove saddlebags or a windshield. :blowing_kisses:
3 - DO NOT fill your gas tank prior to a shop visit. It really is better if it comes in a little low on fuel if the tank has to be removed or lifted. :thumbsdown:
4 - Timing is everything. Got a big job, show up in the fall. Even if you can't pay for it all at once DO NOT WAIT till spring. There are SMOKIN DEALS on tons of stuff and usually winter shop rates from Oct. to March. Everyone "waits till spring" and then can't figure out why they have to wait several weeks for something small to be done and are charged a premium rate for a rush job. :rant:
5 - It always helps to drop a little loot for a deposit when you are ordering parts or starting a big job. Attitude counts and it can sometimes help your final bill if you are on the good side of the shop crew. :beer:
6 - Loyalty and support are usually recognized in some way. Put a shop support sticker on your scooter, send a buddy in for his parts or wear a T-shirt supporting your local shop. The best advertising is word of mouth and a shop cannot purchase it. The more the merrier! :thewave: