Plan a trip with Google Maps


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This thread links riders to interesting routes available for modification, printout, or download to a GPS. For all posts please attach a digital route and a summary of what they mean. If you post a suggestion or alteration please attach the edited route so it can be seen and criticized. A summary for any fuel stops, scenery stops, rest stops etc are all of interest.

Sending a map to GPS:

Tom Tom

Make a map:

Google Maps

enter a list of destinations such as "langley, bc to: pemberton, bc to: hope, bc". You can specify destinations by including something like: "starbucks langley, bc to:gas pemberton, bc to:subway hope, bc". An alternative for destinations is right click wherever you want to start and select "directions from here" right click wherever you want to go and select "directions to here" if you want to continue your route select another location and select "add a destination". To modify the chosen route click anywhere on the route and drag the line to another road.

Example Trip Planning

If you are planning gas, food, and restaurant stops along your trip begin with various destinations:

example interior run

and calculate your fuel range, desired daily distance, time between meals etc. As an example lets assume 250km fuel range, 600km daily distance, meals every 4 hours.

For fuel going down the list of distances fuel is needed after lytton, near fintry, at osoyoos, and 2/3 the distance from osoyoos. On the left column with the list of destinations click add destination and enter "gas, city, province" then select the destination from the list and upon recalculation move the destination from the bottom to the appropriate order.


Now that you have your required fuel stops decide your required places to sleep. Search for either camping, bed breakfast, or hotel/motel/hostel at whatever destination/distance/time you want to stop lets say... bed breakfast vernon bc.


Now decide places to stop and eat. You may want to favor speed, time of day, distance, convenience or destination. Key terms could be pub, bar, restaurant, food, grill etc.


Some Local Trips:

"starbucks langley, bc to: wendel's cafe fort langley, bc to: river rd langley, bc to: lou's grill abbotsford, bc".

Start with coffee or gas in langley, modify for derby reach, backroads along river road north of the highway with a destination of lou's pub in abbotsford.

"lougheed hwy maple ridge, bc to: haney bypass maple ridge, bc to: shake shingle pub maple ridge, bc to: stave lake rd mission, bc to: sasquatch inn aggasiz, bc "

starting somewhere along lougheed in maple ridge take haney and modify some backroads to stop as the shake & shingle pub on 287th. Take backroads to stave lake rd then ride down to the sasquatch pub in aggasiz.

"tim hortons aldergrove, bc to: 0 ave abbotsford, bc to: cultas lake chilliwack, bc to: chilliwack lake chilliwack, bc to: ryder lake chilliwack, bc to: pub chilliwack, bc"

Start with coffee or gas in aldergrove, a run down to 0-ave out to chilliwack for a run behind cultas lake, chilliwack lake, or ryder lake finishing with a bite in chilliwack.

I would love to see similar maps to view some interesting routes. Please share some of your favorite routes of any length for others to experience.