Newb didn't winterize motorcycle.


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Hi everyone, I didn't winterize my motorcycle properly. I have an 08 ninja 650. I didn't put stabilizer in my gas tank, or change my oil. I was curious if I drained the gas tank and carburetor and put in fresh gas if I'd be able to start it up with the old oil in it, bring it to operating temperature then do an oil change. Or would it be in my best interest to drop the oil cold. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you kindly, aaron. Big newb


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Hi Aaron. It is normally not that big a deal (once in a while) not to winterize your bike. You can get away with it and it doesn't affect the short term life of your bike. Having said that I always do what I can before storage. Gas stabilizer in the gas tank and a squirt of oil in the cylinders is standard.

To get to your question: Put some gas stabilizer/conditioner (Seafoam) in the tank. Run the tank to near empty to get the full benefit of the "conditioner". I will potentially clear any Gas Scum problems.

If the old oil is within time limit before changing, it would be OK to get going. Starting the season with fresh oil and filter always gives us a comfortable feeling of well being. So changing soonest is preferable.

Enjoy your bike and the season. Dive Safely. Take a Safety Course if you haven't already.