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Hi everyone,
hope everyone is well and enjoying the little [for now] stretch in the evenings.
Been riding a long time, still love, it but maybe time to change my FJR1300 for something-----??
Great looking forum here, meant to join sooner but good to be here.


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Welcome to BC Riders. I was looking at the FJR when I bought my ST1300.How do you like the FJR? Are you looking for another sport touring bike? I sure love my ST.
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Thanks notagix.
Love the FJR, test rode the ST and Connie and a beemer or two before I bought FJR, all great bikes, Id have any one of them.
I had a big heavy cruiser in the garage as well so I decided on FJR just because it was a tad lighter than its counterparts.
Iv decided to sell it on, not decided on what next. Put it in classifieds in this forum.
STs are great bikes, buddy went from Wing to ST, he prefers ST big time.
I loved the smoothness and stability when I test rode, lovely sound. Did you do aftermarket seat, one I tried had hard seat, 100km test ride.