moved from Alberta > overseas > BC : need a bike!


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Hey guys!

Saying Hi and also hoping for some advice if you have a the time.

I got my first bike 10 years ago in Alberta, where I'm from ('83 Honda Ascot VT500). For the last five years I've lived in New Zealand (a motorcyclist paradise in my opinion!)
and owned a `97 Honda VT1000 Firestorm, a `92 Honda VFR750, and a 2007 Suzuki SV1000.

The VFR only lasted two weeks until a car cut me off in Auckland-- I've learned alot from that experience, most importantly-- how to use the Horn!!

Work ran out, so I moved across the pacific to start at a company in Vancouver as an animator. My bike in NZ is still for sale (bad time of the year as it's autumn there and spring here!) and I'm hoping to buy here as soon as I can.

I'm pondering a few things. There seems to be a greater variety of bikes for cheap across the USA border, so I'm tempted to head down to one of the west coast states and ride one back up.
I have read a few links on importing bikes into Canada, and realize it's not without its hassles..
Importing ?:
Step by step, how to import a motorcycle from the USA into Canada | Thinkbox

But if I find a bike I like here in BC, I'm happy to pay more or even finance it until my bike in NZ sells.

Financing? Since I've got a long credit history in Canada, credit shouldn't be an issue and may free up my cash while I wait on my bike in NZ to sell... Do you guys have experience with financing companies around here? And would they work in the event of a private sale? e.g. I could buy a motorcycle for cash, then turn around and ask a financing company to lend me for it?
Would they only lend for bikes in BC or would they lend me to buy a bike in USA?
Low interest rates would be most important thing for me.

Thanks guys. I have to admit the idea of buying a bike in California and riding it up over the course of a few days sounds like fun... I covered 3000 k on the south island of NZ over new years, was an absolute blast with all the twisty roads.