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Today I was out riding to an appointment in Sidney. I came to a stop at a 4 way stop intersection. All 4 roads leading into this intersection were single lanes. I stopped slightly closer to the centre line and waited for my turn to go, and no sooner had I stopped and put my foot down, that a large Pickup truck squeezed around on my right hand side to turn right at the 4 way stop :shaking head:. Am I not right in thinking that when its single lanes that are coming into the 4 way stop - that you are not supposed to pull up along side me like that? I probably should have yelled or honked my horn at him and asked him what he thought he was doing - but I didnt :disapproval:! So I guess I am asking - should I have been in the middle of the lane when I stopped and therefore MAYBE stopping him from coming along side me ? But since it was a little damp out today I thought that it wouldnt be advisable to stop in the middle of the lane because of slippery conditions?


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Correct, vehicles are not supposed to 'share' your space. You are entitled to the same 'physical space' as a car, but as you found out what you are entitled to is not always what you get. I used to get that sort of thing happening to me all the time - especially when there is a bike lane (more space) and the person directly behind me wants to turn right. A driver or two might have even had their side view mirrors 'adjusted' by me in the process....:disapproval:

Personally what I do now if I find I'm the first one coming up to an intersection (single lane) with a stop or red light with traffic behind me signalling they want to turn right, is I do pull closer to the centre and sometimes even over to right of centre (if there is a bike lane) and essentially take away as much space as I can to someone thinking of squeezing past me. I basically block them from doing it. If I were a car in front of them, they would physically not be able to go past me. I also don't want them trying to squeeze past me as it puts me in a very dangerous position. Drivers will use bike lanes and shoulders to "assist" them in trying to squeeze past you.

Lots of people out there just don't think or simply can't think past the one vehicle in front of them. I had someone in a big SUV squeeze up right beside me because they wanted to turn right, but there was still 3 cars in front of us blocking access tot he right turn lane. So even if this SUV passed me, they still wouldn't be able to turn right...but they just had to squeeze up to next to me because they were that impatient. That incident taught me to watch the spaces that I leave around me.

I find now that I remember certain intersections prone to this - like heading up Finlayson (towards Hillside Mall) at Quadra Street. Seems the person behind me always wants to turn right onto Quadra and there is a bike lane there. So I always move over a bit to the right - even if I'm not the first in line (refer to my above example of impatient drivers).

Again, this is what "I" do - I'm not saying it's what you should do although it is an option available to you. For myself, I weighed the options of:

a. Staying in the 'correct' lane position and having a moving car try to squeeze past me on the right
b. change my lane position slightly to inhibit vehicles potentially trying to squeeze past me

IMHO I think option b is the better and safer option of the two.
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Another is Wilson and Bay st heading towards Tyee. The road is wide enough that vehicles pull to the right of any other vehicle be it car bike or otherwise so they can turn right or go straight. Duh! It is a single lane!


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Thanks Dave, what you have explained does make sense. After that situation, I am being more aware and trying to use up as much of the lane as possible to eliminate the space for them to move into. The other place that I have to watch is Mackenzie and Shelbourne, I have watched cars do it all the time here, because again there is a bike lane - and its the speed that they do it that bothers me because as you know being by the university, there is so many cyclists on that road too.