Hi From Langley, BC


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Hey just wanted to say hi again.:canada flag:
I've been away for a while.

I don't have a bike right now but the last bike I did have was a 2009 Stratoliner. I sure liked that Ride.

Now I'm on the hunt for a new Ride, and kinda looking for the same thing as my Strat..
I was at Sea to Sky Motorsports looking at Indian but I know Indian went under 3 times already and I was kinda thinking if they went under again what about a warranty issue if they went broke again..so I will stick with Yamaha.. Unfortunately Yamaha Canada is not making the Stratoliner for 2018. So that sucks.
the GF likes the new 1300 Deluxe and I can only find a 2016 Strat so..

There is 3 of us planing a ride to Drumheller this time next year and we want to be ready and her comfy on her new ride.


We R going to the Bike Show in Abby when it comes.

If there is a ride Forum on here I will post our details and your more than welcome to join us.