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  1. FrogDog

    2017-09-16_Port Alberni Toy Run 20:31

    2017's ‘Port Alberni Toy Run’ with my brothers and sisters from the Canadian Lonewolves. This would be another awesome journey in support, donating for kids, a biker’s ride. Cheer'z Frog
  2. FrogDog

    FrogDogz 2017 Cannonball 1000 ride Vids

    Coming up will be another Cannonball ride 2018.. I personally will be doing the 2500 mile 5 dayer this year. Maybe looking for a partner or 2 max. My experience for 2017 1000 is here Do You Got What It Takes.....:canada flag: Let me know if you have any questions.. Ride Safe, Be Safe...
  3. FrogDog

    Cannonball (Fall Colors) Rides

    Introducing new to Cannonball Rides is "Fall Color" rides, 4 - 250 mile run options. Awesome for riders new to Cannonball Rides to experience a shorter run and feel what it takes. 2 new choices for Vancouver Costal mapped by FrogDog, and introducing a new on board Sponsor "International...
  4. FrogDog

    2016-06-04_Republic Washington Loop

    Warning: It's 26:20 mins, A Ride not done, is a Ride worth taking. Sit back, relax, enjoy! A weekend trip crossing State side at Midway B.C. into Washington's Ferry County, following Kettle Valley into Curlew then Republic, over night. Continuing onto Winthrop, over the Rockies via North...
  5. FrogDog

    2016-08-19th to 22nd_Lake Louis - Jasper Loop Ride P1 to P5

    If you haven't done this loop it is awesome, If you have, there could be a few points of interest for next time. Part 1 of 5 : Hope to Grand Forks Part 2 of 5 : Grand Forks to Radium Hot Springs Part 3 of 5 : Radium Hot Springs to Lake Louis Part 4 of 5 : Lake Louis to Jasper via Hwy 93...
  6. FrogDog

    Do YOU have what it takes?

    Cannonball Rides 2017 I assisted David Purdy (Purdyman) of Cannonball Rides in getting Vancouver Coastal British Columbia Cannonball Rides on the map this year. Take a Boo, > Cannonball Rides Home Page > Cannonball Rides British Columbia On Board Dealers: > Maple Ridge Motorsports, 20430...
  7. FrogDog

    2016-08-16_Lake Louis - Jasper Loop Ride_Part 02

    I will do a repost .. Please delete this one Cheer'z Froggy
  8. FrogDog

    2016-08-19_Lake Louis-Jasper Loop Ride - Part01

    will do a repost .. Please delete this one Cheer'z Froggy
  9. FrogDog

    How I Spent my 2016 Xmas Vacation

    Brakes, headlight and oil to do list Cheer'z