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Thread: Debaffling my stock pipes.

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    Default Debaffling my stock pipes.

    So I am toying with the idea of taking the baffles out of my stock pipes to see if I can get a bit more sound out of them or not. Was wondering if anyone has had any experience trying this and if so how it worked out? I'm worried I may mess with the back pressure and lose power to the engine or that the sound might still be off. Alternatively I might just look at getting some new pipes, but I really don't want something that draws a whole lot of attention. I want to be able to hear myself think but would like just a bit more sound coming out. Any thoughts?

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    thats a pretty vague question, every engine and every exhaust pipe made are different, you may want to ask somebody who has your exact bike what they tried , or do a search online . I know a couple of exhausts that respond well to modification , and have heard quite a few that ended up sounding tinny and nasty so much the owners had to buy a new system . research a lot before you mess with it . Chris B

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