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Thread: A new bike warranty question.

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    Default A new bike warranty question.

    Hi everyone,
    I just bought a new Kawasaki Z1000 from a dealership with 5 year extended warranty (NOT the Kawasaki one).

    As being a mechanic, I plan to do maintenance myself.
    Will this void my warranty?
    I am thinking the dealership will give me a hard time if I need to do a warranty work in the future but having no maintenance record there.
    Money isn't the problem, I don't mind letting people do their hard work and earn what they deserve to get, because I am in the same boat.
    It's just that I do not really trust on others that works on my machine, and most of the times you get better idea of what is happening to the machine if you do it yourself.
    Another not really relative reason is that almost all motorcycle shop is close on Monday, which being the same motorcycle mechanic, I only get Monday off! LOL

    should I just do most maintenance myself, and go back to dealership for a routine check up?
    will this work out?
    I really don't want to ask the dealership this question myself so I am here...

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    I suspect the only folks that can accurately answer your question is the dealership that sold you the warranty or the warranty company itself.

    You say you're a bike mechanic, this has not come up where you work?

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    Yeah, check with the warranty company.

    I have a question: why would a mechanic purchase an extended warranty? I'm not a professional mechanic, but I wouldn't buy an extended warranty...I figure if I can't fix it, it's not worth fixing.

    (BTW, a friend just toasted the engine in her 2013 Subaru, and the dealer is trying to weasel out of the warranty because she did her own oil change but doesn't have the receipt for the oil she bought...scum.)

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