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Thread: Indian Thunder Stroke 111: the Classic V-twin.

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    Default Indian Thunder Stroke 111: the Classic V-twin.

    Polaris bought Indian two years ago.

    Polaris will be recreating the look of a 1940s Indian Chief twin with its slanted fins, tapered cylinders (larger at the heads), straight down exhaust exits and pushrod tubes, Indian pushed the envelope performance-wise, as well. The engine that will power the initial models (the first models designed ground-up by Polaris, to be introduced later this year), is the Thunder Stroke 111.
    Polaris worked hard to refine the power delivery, aiming for a silky smooth driveline, and just the right amount of vibration (controlled by a single counter-balancer). Belt drive exits the power source on the right side before traveling to the wheel. While many big twins get by with five speeds, the Thunder Stroke 111 will have six. For a large displacement v-twin, the bore/stroke ratio is relatively aggressive (bore is 101 mm and stroke 113 mm). The current horsepower king of comparable size and design is Star’s 48 degree v-twin displacing 1854cc, which, although slightly larger displacement, features a narrower bore and longer stroke (100 mm x 118 mm). The interesting thing is that the Thunder Stroke 111 has a peak engine speed of only 5500 rpm, seemingly quite conservative given the extensive efforts to create exceedingly light and low friction engine internals together with the bore/stroke ratio. The low engine speed will limit peak horsepower.
    The new Indian models could provide a quite unique riding experience. Fast . . . quick even. Something not normally associated with “cruisers”.
    Of course, this is just the first Indian engine designed from a clean sheet by Polaris. Indian built in-line fours in the past, as well, so we can expect this engine configuration somewhere down the road. Indian’s high performance, race winning heritage will receive its fair share of attention in due time.
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    after watching this video , I watched 3 different video's featuring the yamah/star - BOLT . the bolt is way more interesting as it's simple , just a basic bike , like the HD street bob they started puttin out a few years ago , except that the bolt is affordable,

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    How about the Drysdale Godzilla?

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