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Thread: Moving back to BC. License question.

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    Default Moving back to BC. License question.


    A few years ago I moved from Vancouver to San Jose, California. Here, about a year ago, I got a Harley Davidson V-Rod and passed the test for class M license (motorcycle). This July I'm going to move back to BC.

    Here is my thoughts and question. In the next July the motorcycle part of my license will be 1 year and six months. ICBC website says that they exchange US driver's licenses without test if you hold it for more than two years. So, they probably won't exchange my 'new' US license to BC one right away. But, as a new BC resident, I could use my out of state driver's license for 90 days. I'm figuring that in the end of October, after 90 day period expires, I won't be able to ride in Vancouver anyway. So, at that time I could park my bike for a winter, wait three more months and then come to ICBC, present them my 2 years old US M-class license and ask for exchange.

    Do you guys think my plan would work?

    I really do not want to go for another riding courses, tests, and especially fees, for I believe ICBC is a bunch of greedy monopolist bustards who should lower their fees and premiums for at least twice. Here in Cali I pay $393 annually premium for two-way motorcycle insurance; I just checked, in BC my premium will be minimum $1200 a year. That's just crazy.

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    Look closer you likely have far higher liability coverage with your ICBC insurance Vs your US coverage.
    Your best plan would be to hold on to your US licence for as long as you can hopefully the full two years then see ICBC.

    Do you also have a car license and will you be insuring a car.. If you will be driving a car when you're in BC you'll have to get a BC license and insurance right away. If you're not going to be driving anything then wait for the two years to pass.

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    to BC.Riders Protrener.
    Will they actually let you hold on to your US-license or do you have to change it into a international drivers license.
    Maybe you can hold on to your US insurance for a while too (with a PO Box address in the States?), I know there are people in BC that do the same to get the cheaper insurance rate from Alberta; Alberta PO Box, Alberta plates.
    You can also always try to just ask somebody at the ICBC counter.
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