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Thread: How To Blow Up An Engine.....

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    Default How To Blow Up An Engine.....

    ...With Gasket Goo.
    Lots of mechanics use Goo to save a few bucks on gaskets, so what's the problem?
    This clutch gasket (picture 1) had some extra liquid Gasket Goo applied to it...probably after a mid season clutch change. The pen points to the excess Goo oozing out.
    As the screen fills up with crud (picture 2), the motor has to work harder to pump the oil, which is bad for power! Eventually the motor will starve for oil and spin a rod bearing.....
    New Gasket = $10.00............New Motor = $3,000.00
    Careful with that Gasket Goo!
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    back in my distant past when I was always working on my old bikes and cars, I often had things apart and re-used old gaskets,,, I used to use the spray on gasket glue , often sold for carb gaskets,, you can put a few laayers on that old gasket, and not have the squishy goo factor you get with silicone or permatex , out of a tube... if you have to use the tube types, wipe it on spareingly. NO BLOBS.

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