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Thread: New member welcome thread..

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    Default New member welcome thread..

    Ive added this thread for all to introduce yourself....

    Ill go first...

    Hi all I am From Langley BC Canada. I started this site due to a lack of a friendly place dedicated to ALL BC motorcycle riders .... It is a sister site to Yamaha FZ6 Forum Community and is based on it

    It doesnt matter how crappy a day I have had, all I have to do is put on my gear and go.... The world disappears... the FZ6 is my first bike.. Its a 2005 Galaxy Blue one.. (Yeah the blue ones are faster... Its not a rumor). I am an Engineer and currently work rebuilding crash damaged helicopters and general Helicopter maintenance..... Okay nuff about me... Who is next....


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    Default hello

    Old guy (50s) got back into biking after a few years away from it.
    Bought a new Bandit 650 last summer. Love it.
    Looking forward to meeting some sane but fun people to ride with.

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    I'm a bit older than that Borgnine kid at 62, but the same story.....Got back into motorcycling after a few decades away from the sport with a new 06 FZ6 and enjoying every minute of it. My wife says it's the craziest thing I've done in years, so there's validation for you.

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    Default Vstrom rider

    I ride a V strom and love it! It would be nice to meet some other riders for day rides as the riding season is upon us.

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    I'm 14, so I'm in the middle of the age group.

    I have a Multistrada.

    I'm aging backwards though, so it's ok.

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    Default The seniors are taking over..........

    I'm 51 (and a half). I started riding in Holland in the 70's on a 49cc Puch Skylark. Bought myself in the 80's a real motorcycle (Yamaha XV1000), traded that one for a Kawasaki GPZ 900r. Took the Kawi every year to the TT in Assen. Emigrated to Canada in '96 and bought my R1 in 2005. I live in Clearwater, 100 km North of Kamloops in beautiful Wells Gray Country.

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    I'm 36, I saw this site posted on BCSB. I've been riding since 2000 when I got a 650 Nighthawk, then a 750 shadow, then a 750 NH. I quickly outgrew the 750 NH and now I have an R1200RT which is better suited to the LD sport touring I prefer to do. I also commute daily on the RT which helps keep my senses tuned. Its good to see an all round motorcycle forum, here's hoping for much success!

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    Default Hey everyone

    I ride a gsxr 750 in the south okanagan. Hope to meet new people to ride with in Okanagan area. I heard of this sight on Okanagan So i checked it out. The weather is getting better everyday. So anyway you all have a safe and fun rides this year. See you out there.

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    Default Welcome 2

    Hi all, I am also from Langley BC. I jumped on with Dennis as well to build a friendly forum that all bikers can be a part of.

    I got on the bike 4 years ago and bought a Yamaha FZ6 2004. Now I've got the bug so bad I don't think I could be without one. I'm looking at getting a dual sport as well to do a bit of off roading. Looking forward to some future rides with some of you in the future.



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    Default Dual purpose rider

    Hi, I'm 34 living in Kelowna, I ride a dual purpose/touring GS1200, riding as much as I can around the province, just sold my street bike a R6 once I found I'm no longer hip enough to keep up with the young guys on that type of bike, so instead I bought a touring bike.

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